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Rurouni Kenshin Claims ^_^x

The Rurouni Kenshin Claims Community

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Hello and welcome to the Rurouni Kenshin Claims community!
Created by radicallindsay, owner of tough_to_beat, the Sanosuke Sagara fan community. (hey, it's RK related so I can pimp it ;P)

Congratulations and thanks to sekido for creating the RK_Claims' icon!


-- Join the community first; you must be a member in order to claim.
-- Members get a maximum of 7 claims.
-- Icon/Banner makers get 2 or 3 additional claims.
-- Be courteous and respectful; no unnecessary swears, insults, flaming, bashing, closed-minds, etc.

How to Claim:
-- Simply join, then post in the community with any/all claims available to you.
If you're not at your maximum yet, feel free to make a new post or new comment with any more claims you have come up with.
Giving reasons is strongly encouraged because 1) it's fun 2) it will help the relatively small Master Reasoning List grow!

"Reasons" Credit:
-- The "giving reasons" idea was yoinked from the pmk_claims community.

-- Characters/Variations of Characters
-- Gumis/Groups/Armies
-- Objects
-- Weapons
-- Attacks/Techniques
-- Places
-- Clothing
-- Story Arcs
-- Battles/Events/Moments/Scenes/Etc.
-- Manga Volumes/DVD Volumes/OVAs
-- Episodes
-- Songs
-- OSTs
-- Couples/Alt. Couples/Yaoi/Yuri Pairings
-- Character Messages/Outtakes/Quotes
-- Ideologies/Philosophies/Principles/Etc.
-- Japanese/English Voice Actors/Actresses
-- Miscellaneous

Current Icon/Banner Creators:
rocknlobster (banners)
sekido (community icon)

Basically, there's a world of things the claim, so join in and have fun!

Master Claims List & Master Reasoning List
Please Check These Before Claiming to See if Yours Have Already Been Claimed or Not!

Affiliates: pmk_claims A claims community for the anime series "Peacemaker Kurogane," go ahead and check it out!